Australian flightgear collection

Collecting flightgear for preservation purposes, display and reenactment is a growing trend worldwide. This is reflected in a almost constant demand/supply operation as seen on ebay and military / flightgear dealer websites.

In Australia there are a few people who collect flightgear. One such collector has allowed us an insight to their flightgear collection. They has brought and acquired some interesting flight helmets, with a large RAAF heritage connection.


HGU-26/P left, Alpha 400 right


RAAF “Roulettes” team  HGU-55/P left,  HGU-26/P right


HGU-55/P left, HGU-26/P right

IMG_6089 IMG_6092

HGU-26/P left, HGU-55/P right

IMG_6156 IMG_6158

MK1 helmet with G liner and H oxygen mask left, SPH-4 right

IMG_6101  IMG_6123

AFH-1 left and HGU-26/P right

IMG_6176 IMG_6056

HGU-2A/P duval visor left, SPH-1 right

IMG_6178 IMG_6182

Alpha 400 left, HGU-55/P right

IMG_6161 IMG_6167

HGU-26/P visor covers high vis left, HGU-26/P low vis visor covers right

IMG_6217 IMG_6221


MK3 flight helmet



H-3 left, H-4 right

IMG_5987     IMG_6082

IMG_6168  IMG_6251



P-4 left, P-4B right


Mk2 left, Mk3 right

IMG_6140 IMG_6146


P type oxygen masks as used by RAAF, RAF, RN

IMG_6210 IMG_6211



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MARCH 2014 pilot photos

WW2 era USAAF P-51D Mustang pilot climbing into his aircraft. Interesting to note other helmet on cockpit dash… He wears a B-3/4 LPU, tan flight suit, ANH-15 flight helmet and AN-6510 gogles.

Tokyo-Club-MAJJamesM Tokyo-Club-MAJJohnA

P-51 Mustang pilot wearing tan flight suit with a B-8 parachute on his back. B-6 flight helmet maybe?

Tokyo-Club-MAJRobertW-44-63483 Tokyo-Club-MAJ-Robert-W-Todd-44-63483-45tFS-15thFG

Tokyo-Club-CAPTCharlesO Tokyo-Club-CAPTPeteNowick458thFtrSq506thFGstandswithhisassignedP-51Dserial44-72870

L – ANH-15 with B-8 goggles on left and same on right with B-3 flight gloves? , R – B-15 flight jacket, ANH-15 flight helmet, B-8 goggles, B-3 flight gloves

Tokyo-Club-COLJamesO Tokyo-Club-MAJFredA

L – AN-31 flight suit?, B-8 goggles, ANH-15 flight helmet, B-8 parachute harness, A-2 flight jacket, ANH-15 with B-8 flight goggles.

Tokyo-Club-MAJHarryCCrim531stFtrSq21stFGIwoJima Tokyo-Club-1LTWilliamF

L – AN-31 flight suit?, B-8 goggles, A-11 flight helmet, B-8 parachute harness, B-3 LPU. R – Pilot wearing An-31 flight suit with shoulder harness. Note AAF decal on suit.

Tokyo-Club-2LTWilliamG Tokyo-Club-78thFS-15thFG-1

1950s –  L – B-36 Peacemaker crew – black flight caps, B-15C winter jacket, L-1A flight suit. R – Nuclear test F-84 pilot hopping out after a test using forklift. P-3 flight helmet and B-5 LPU and K-2B flight suit?.

tm-55-181 tm-55-361

L – Pilot going to Korea War with 45th TRS  Polka Dots as per patch on A-2 flight jacket..i sell these patches replicated – , R – AN-31 flight suit, B-3 LPU, S-2 seat parachute harness.

toedta2 Tokyo-Club-1LTClydeM

L – AN-31 flight suit, ANH-15 flight helmet, A-14 oxygen mask, B-3 LPU and S-2 seat parachute harness. R-  A USAAF B-17 bomber crew?.. A-4 and AN-31 flight suits, B-3 LPU and various parachute harness, some QA types.

Tokyo-Club-1LTJohnDusaaf crew ww2

F-104 Starfighter pilots wearing K-2B flight suits, HA MA-2 flight suits, G-3 g suits, L-2B flight jackets.


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Rathmines Catalina Festival Nov 2013 – WW2 gear display

Recently at the Rathmines Catalina Festival, at former RAAF vase Rathmines, NSW, Australia, I went along to educate and show people what the aircrew of WW2 wore in the flying boats such as Catalina, Mariner and Sunderlander. Many people were impressed and veterans were glad to see someone at least trying to carry on their service heritage aspects as a reenactor.

I wore a original 1941 flight cap, a replicated set of 1936 black wool lined flight boots, replicated tropical flight shirt and shorts with a sewn RAAF pilot wings and rank slides and a replicated Mae West 1941 type life preserver.



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Late 1950s or early 1960s F-104 pilot sitting strapped in wearing L-2B flight suit and P-4B flight helmet covering the on cockpit gun site.


Korean era USAF pilots wearing tan K-1 and dark blue K-1A flight suits, with a L-2A flight jackets with patches.


Late 1940s F-80 shooting Star pilot donning his immersion suit for over water flight.


Late 1940s F-80 pilots gathered for a briefing prior to flying wearing L-1 flight suits, B-5 LPU with garrison caps.


2 USAF pilots wearing L-2B flight suits and MA-1 flight jackets run through some notes.


Norwegian or DutchF-104 Starfighter pilots with P-4 / P-4B flight helmets, MS22001 oxygen masks, flight suits and backpack parachute harnesses.


USAF F-105D Thunderchief pilot in Germany with K-2B flight suit, HGU-2/P flight helmet and MBU-5/P oxygen mask.


YF-105 pilot with Toptex fight helmet


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Photos of pilots June 2013

Korean War era photos showing left to right –  F-86F Sabre pilot in L-1A flight suit, B-5 LPU and backpack parachute – and 2 pilots from 90th FBS wearing B-15A flight jacket left and B-15B or C flight jacket on right with unit flight caps.

1st Lt. Wyndy Clarke_Mike Flight_FU-4054b2

L – 8th TFW F-4C Phantom Mig Killing pilots surround Col Robin Olds in 1967. All wear K-2B flight suits – note Robins suit is soaked… CSu-3/P g suits, SRU-021/P survival vest, PCU-15/P Mk7 ejection seat harness, HGU-2A/P flight helmet and MBU-5/P oxygen masks, B-3 gloves and unit caps and garrison cap. R – NB-52 USAF B-52 Stratofortress and crew wearing L-2B flight suit, MA-1 or L-2b flight jackets and flight caps.


L – F-102 pilot wearing MA-2 flight helmet and MC-1 high altitude flight suit. R Late 1940/early 50s USN FJ Fury pilots wearing flight suits and Mk-2 LPU.


L – Korean War USAF 36th FBS pilots L-1A and K-1 flight suit, L-2A flight jacket, B-5 LPU and flight cap/garrison cap. R – USAF Korean war pilot with garrison cap and tan dress uniform.

1st Lt Lloyd Irish and 2nd Lt. Richard Laidley_Mike Flight1st Lt. Wyndy Clarke_Mike Flight

L – Altitude training oxygen chamber with pilots wearing P-1A flight helmets with visor modification and MS22001 oxygen mask. R – USAF aircrew and ground crew checking F-84 Thunderjet out. B-15 flight jacket worn by man on ladder.

1stltn-john-r-mcdonnell-1stlt-hiel-m-rockwell-1stlt-carl-w-wolfe-a1c-brapton-martin-maj-robert-mcmoth-capt-e-pepp 2

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Pilot photos April 2013

A early version of the USAF high altitude MA-3 flight helmet and associated flight suit is seen under test in the 1950s.


USAAF P-47 Thunderbolt pilots wearing RAf C type flight helmets, AN-BH-1 receivers (USAAF) , A-14 oxygen masks, RAF Mk 8 goggles, B-8 parachute harnesses and A-2 flight jackets.

$(KGrHqZHJ!wE9qo7DLRwBPekpF5Wsg~~60_12 $(KGrHqZHJBoE9p6m+L5yBPekvngJdQ~~60_12

$(KGrHqJHJEME91+M56,8BPekpkWuRw~~60_12 $(KGrHqMOKicE6bZb0-!oBPekp1ulqg~~60_12

$(KGrHqNHJE!E92ClN+7LBPekpUkP6!~~60_12 $(KGrHqVHJBME9reu+sMiBPeko1!jFw~~60_12 $(KGrHqVHJC8E92k!1L,3BPekombtYQ~~60_12

US Navy pilots of WW2 huddled in a circle for a photo



A US Marine Corp or US Navy pilot is seen fitting a Mk2 Anti G suit to his legs in the 1960s.



A early 1950s USAF pilot with international orange flight suit, P-3 flight helmet ,MS22001 oxygen mask and a T-33 model aircraft.


A B-29 Superfortress flight engineer working the panel wearing a HS-38 headset, tan flight suit and a parachute harness.


A 1950s USAF F-51 Mustang pilot with P-1A flight helmet with visor modification, A-14 Oxygen mask, B-5 LPU and maybe a A-2 flight jacket



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The USAFE Europe Acrobatic team the “Arcojets” showing their F-80 Shooting Star with nose art. All have special wool L-1A style flight suits and P-1A flight helmets with visor modification to P-3 standard. Note large squadron patch on right chest location on suits.


A USAAF WW2 P-51 Mustang pilot is shown wearing ANH-15 flight helmet, B-8 goggles, A-14 oxygen mask, tan K-1 flight suit maybe and a parachute harness.


A USAAF P-51 Mustang wearing ANH-15 flight helmet, A-14 oxygen mask, AN-6510 goggles, seat parachute harness and A-4 flight suit.


A USAAF pilot with a B-8 backpack parachute, C-2 life raft kit and a padded seat pack walks out to a P-51 Mustang


Another view


A USAAF P-51 Mustang pilot wearing A-4 flight suit and a S-2 parachute pack.


A US Navy pilot wearing a nylon flight suit maybe?, a QAS parachute harness, B-4 LPU, AN goggles and a M-450 flight helmet.truesdale2

A F-104 Starfighter pilot wearing K-1 high altitude flight helmet, backpack parachute and blue flight suit.


F-86 Sabre pilot wearing L-1A flight suit, backpack parachute harness, P-3 flight helmet and MS22001 oxygen mask.


F4U Corsair US Navy pilot wearing a H-4 flight helmet with goggles and boom microphone, tan flight suit and yellow flight gloves.


F-51D Mustang pilot holding a first generation P-1 flight helmet with artwork, sits on a seat parachute pack and wears a A-2 flight jacket.


US Navy pilot with a modified H-4 flight helmet with goggles, MS22001 oxygen mask and a MK2 LPU. He wears an olive green flight suit and is strapped into a parachute.


Korean War artwork showing a F-84 Thunderjet and pilot. Pilot has a P-1A flight helmet, B-5 LPU, backpack parachute harness and a green flight suit with red unit cap.


F-84 Thunderjet pilot wearing a P-1 flight helmet (original type from 1947) modified with external chinstrap, A-13 oxygen mask, backpack parachute harness and K-1 flight suit.


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