Photos of pilots June 2013

Korean War era photos showing left to right –  F-86F Sabre pilot in L-1A flight suit, B-5 LPU and backpack parachute – and 2 pilots from 90th FBS wearing B-15A flight jacket left and B-15B or C flight jacket on right with unit flight caps.

1st Lt. Wyndy Clarke_Mike Flight_FU-4054b2

L – 8th TFW F-4C Phantom Mig Killing pilots surround Col Robin Olds in 1967. All wear K-2B flight suits – note Robins suit is soaked… CSu-3/P g suits, SRU-021/P survival vest, PCU-15/P Mk7 ejection seat harness, HGU-2A/P flight helmet and MBU-5/P oxygen masks, B-3 gloves and unit caps and garrison cap. R – NB-52 USAF B-52 Stratofortress and crew wearing L-2B flight suit, MA-1 or L-2b flight jackets and flight caps.


L – F-102 pilot wearing MA-2 flight helmet and MC-1 high altitude flight suit. R Late 1940/early 50s USN FJ Fury pilots wearing flight suits and Mk-2 LPU.


L – Korean War USAF 36th FBS pilots L-1A and K-1 flight suit, L-2A flight jacket, B-5 LPU and flight cap/garrison cap. R – USAF Korean war pilot with garrison cap and tan dress uniform.

1st Lt Lloyd Irish and 2nd Lt. Richard Laidley_Mike Flight1st Lt. Wyndy Clarke_Mike Flight

L – Altitude training oxygen chamber with pilots wearing P-1A flight helmets with visor modification and MS22001 oxygen mask. R – USAF aircrew and ground crew checking F-84 Thunderjet out. B-15 flight jacket worn by man on ladder.

1stltn-john-r-mcdonnell-1stlt-hiel-m-rockwell-1stlt-carl-w-wolfe-a1c-brapton-martin-maj-robert-mcmoth-capt-e-pepp 2

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