MARCH 2014 pilot photos

WW2 era USAAF P-51D Mustang pilot climbing into his aircraft. Interesting to note other helmet on cockpit dash… He wears a B-3/4 LPU, tan flight suit, ANH-15 flight helmet and AN-6510 gogles.

Tokyo-Club-MAJJamesM Tokyo-Club-MAJJohnA

P-51 Mustang pilot wearing tan flight suit with a B-8 parachute on his back. B-6 flight helmet maybe?

Tokyo-Club-MAJRobertW-44-63483 Tokyo-Club-MAJ-Robert-W-Todd-44-63483-45tFS-15thFG

Tokyo-Club-CAPTCharlesO Tokyo-Club-CAPTPeteNowick458thFtrSq506thFGstandswithhisassignedP-51Dserial44-72870

L – ANH-15 with B-8 goggles on left and same on right with B-3 flight gloves? , R – B-15 flight jacket, ANH-15 flight helmet, B-8 goggles, B-3 flight gloves

Tokyo-Club-COLJamesO Tokyo-Club-MAJFredA

L – AN-31 flight suit?, B-8 goggles, ANH-15 flight helmet, B-8 parachute harness, A-2 flight jacket, ANH-15 with B-8 flight goggles.

Tokyo-Club-MAJHarryCCrim531stFtrSq21stFGIwoJima Tokyo-Club-1LTWilliamF

L – AN-31 flight suit?, B-8 goggles, A-11 flight helmet, B-8 parachute harness, B-3 LPU. R – Pilot wearing An-31 flight suit with shoulder harness. Note AAF decal on suit.

Tokyo-Club-2LTWilliamG Tokyo-Club-78thFS-15thFG-1

1950s –  L – B-36 Peacemaker crew – black flight caps, B-15C winter jacket, L-1A flight suit. R – Nuclear test F-84 pilot hopping out after a test using forklift. P-3 flight helmet and B-5 LPU and K-2B flight suit?.

tm-55-181 tm-55-361

L – Pilot going to Korea War with 45th TRS  Polka Dots as per patch on A-2 flight jacket..i sell these patches replicated – , R – AN-31 flight suit, B-3 LPU, S-2 seat parachute harness.

toedta2 Tokyo-Club-1LTClydeM

L – AN-31 flight suit, ANH-15 flight helmet, A-14 oxygen mask, B-3 LPU and S-2 seat parachute harness. R-  A USAAF B-17 bomber crew?.. A-4 and AN-31 flight suits, B-3 LPU and various parachute harness, some QA types.

Tokyo-Club-1LTJohnDusaaf crew ww2

F-104 Starfighter pilots wearing K-2B flight suits, HA MA-2 flight suits, G-3 g suits, L-2B flight jackets.


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