Without the support and understanding from various air forces, museums and warbird owners, collection from reenactors like myself would not be gaining any useful backdrop in trying to help promote the warbird scene/ALSE technology to the general public.

So it is with kindness and much appreciation, that whenever i am given access, i understand that it is not easily given. Some access takes a long time to orgaanise due to factors such as travelling or security arranagements.

I currently have the following agreements with air forces, museums and warbird owners to ensure a 100% authenic flying gear display act is set up –

  • Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) –  At selected events / main RAAF airshow for the year, i will be displaying my flightgear collection the general public to enable them to be edcuated on and see history of ALSE. These displays may help further some kids or adults interest and guide them into the ALSE career trade in the RAAF.
  • HARS museum -Located at Albion Park airport, South Coast NSW. Flying large variety of warbirds – Constellation, DC-4, DC-3, Neptunes. Static includes CAC Sabre, Vampire and more – growing every year.I am on display each February at the annual Wings Over Illawarra – HARS open day. My gear on show is a wide range of WW2 thru to 1960s jet pilot gear. At each WOI event i have a large exhibtion of different types of ALSE euipment on display to show the general public. Go to for more information on the great HARS collection.
  • CAC Mustang VH-MFT Fighter Trust – Based at Caboolture, QLD. The Mustang is flown for flights around the country at times offering people a rare experience to go for a flight. The Mustang travels to NSW and around QLD at times for displays. I display my 1950s RAAF flying gear setup to honour the Korean war pilot operations. Go to for more information about CAC Mustnag VH-MFT.
  •  Randal McFarlane – QLD based warbird owner.O-1 Birdog FAC and soon a A-26 in USAF Korean markings. I display at various time with Randals aircraft Korean and Vietnam era pilot gear.
  •  Ross Pay – Pay Air Services – Famous NSW warbird collector Colin Pay’s son now operates the collection based at Scone Airport in Upper Hunter Valley. Ross manages the company which conducts crop dusting, fire bombing and aircraft overhauls. The warbird collection has a CAC Mustang, P-40 Kittyhawk, O-1 Birdog. A Spitfire Mk 9 and A-37 Dragonfly are under rebuild to fly. I display my 1950s RAAF gear, WW2 RAAF gear and Vietnam era gear. Visit for more details – .
  • Combat Dragon – A37B Dragonfly – Operating an A-37B Dragonfly light attack bomber from Bankstown Airport, Sydney. In VNAF scheme and a true Vietnam war veteran, now flying it for adventures flight out of Sydney and NSW. I display my 1960s USAF flightgear with this aircraft. Visit for more information and photos.
  • CAC Mustang VH-BOB – Operating from Point Cook RAAF base located south of Melbourne, this CAC Mustang is widely seen by the public in Victoria mainly. Visit to read and help out if can to return this Mustang to the air sooner..
  • Conway Bown –  A QLD warbird owner and enthusiast who operates an ex USAF Vietnam era O-2A Cessna FAC – Forward Air Controller aircraft. The O-2 is also used as a charter aircraft between airshows. I am able to display my USAF FAC pilot gear witrh his aircraft. Visit his aircraft at
  •  Paul C Collection – Cockpit collection, Melbourne. Paul collects aircraft cockpits and flightgear for display purpses and has created Australia’s first Cockpit gathering event in June 2011.
  • Paul Bennett – A NSW warbird pilot who has a US Navy TBM Avenger from WW2 and displays it at airshows.

Are you a warbird owner/museum or airshow organiser wanting to make the aircraft display/s or airshow setting more interesting for the public and authentic?

I can assist you – with the correct flying gear for the aircraft – the setup for a WW2, Korea orVietnam era.

In long term – I am seeking owners or museums with T-28 Trojans, Canberra bombers, Mirages, Meteor jets and other WW2 propeller types – P-40s,P-47, P-51 etc in Australia to do more displays with.

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