This section is under construction and will show assorted flightgear items from WW2.

Modelling WW2 flightgear –  USAAF pilot 1/32nd scale. Very well made kit shows great flightgear detail. http://www.ultracast.ca/products/54/013/default.htm

Flightgear items and reenactments

Shown below is myself dressed in WW2 flightgear of a K-1 flight suit, A-2 leather jacket, An-6510 parachute and ANH-15 with AN-BH-1 earphone elements and B-8 goggles.

20101227_9999 20101227_9999_1 20101227_9999_2 20101227_9999_3

B-3 flight gloves and the rayon liner inserts


ANH-15 flight helmet with a A-14 oxygen mask. AN-BH-1 earphone elements fitted to helmet.

20100516_8455 20100516_8456 20100516_8457 20100516_8458 20100516_8459 20100516_8460


A-11 leather flight helmet with A-14 oxygen mask and AN-BH-1 earphone elements fitted.

20100516_8461 20100516_8462 20100516_8463 20100516_8464 20100516_8465

2 Responses to WW2 GEAR

  1. Ron Meyer says:

    Very informational. Can a person purchase a complete WWII flight gear? I have taken my 2015 Ford Mustang GT and wrapped it as a P-51D fighter escort plane complete with model number and serial number. She is named “Mustang Sally”. A WWII flight gear would complete what I am trying to do. Thank you.
    Ron Meyer
    7707 Lantana Ct.
    La Vista, NE 68128

  2. Hi Ron, you can find various WW2 flightgear on ebay easily by searching helmets, oxygen masks etc.

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