US Navy pilots on aircraft carrier deck wearing QAS parachute harnesses, G-1 flight jacket, flight suits and M-450 flight helmets with flight goggles.http://navypilotoverseas.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/navy_pilots_head_for_ready_room_after_landing_their_planes_on_uss_yorktown_cv-10-_-_nara_-_520947.jpg

Korean war F-51 Mustang pilot with ground crewman. Pilot wears K-1 flight suit, garrison cap and pistol holster.


A pilot preparing to climb into a T-33 trainer jet, wearing P-3 flight helmet, MS22001 oxygen mask, parachute seat harness, B-5 LPU, casual shoes and a K-2B flight suit.


Korean War F-86 USAF pilot wearing a K-1 flight suit, L-2a Flight jacket, B-10 parachute harness, B-5 LPU and a P-1A flight helmet rests on canopy sill.

A very interesting and rare photo showing a group of USAF Florida ANG pilots with 1 st generation 1946-47 hard hat flight helmets. Early jet flight helmets were built from mining hard hats  or army helmets and these types are shown here. Some are attached onto top of ANH-15 cloth flight helmets. The pilot in middle with a moustache has a rare experimental B-1 flight helmet, predecessor to the P-1 series. All have A-14 oxygen masks. Some pilots have high altitude bottles sewed to their AN-6510 seat and B-10 backpack parachute harnesses, most have B-5 LPU others have B-4 type. All wear G-3/A anti g suits. Flight suits are presumed to be K-1 and A-4.


A host of pilots sitting on a wing of a P-47 Thunderbolt wearing P-1 flight helmets, A-14 masks, B-5 LPUs, tan and green K-1 flight suits. Groundcrew proudly pose with them.


18th FBW pilot celebrates his rare 100 mission mark with the horseshoe. he wears a P-1 flight helmet with B-8 goggles, A-14 oxygen mask, K-1 flight suit, B-5 LPU and a backpack parachute harness.


An unknown 1950s flight helmet design which was looking possibly at full face seal. it is based on a P-1 flight helmet seen by the black edgeroll.http://jetpilotoverseas.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/46-30-2_8001.jpg


USAF F-86 Sabre jet pilot seen with officers. He wears a artworked P-1 flight helmet, MS 22001 oxygen mask, possibly a B-10 parachute harness, B-5 LPU and maybe a K series nylon flight suit.


2 USAF pilots in Korea wearing B-15 flight jackets with fur collars, K-1 flight suit and A-4 flight suit.


F-86 Sabre pilot wearing P-3 flight helmet , MS22001 oxygen mask and parachute harness awaits take off.


RF-84F pilot confers with groundcrew around a camera.Pilot wears a baseball cap and a L-2B flight jacket.


A US Navy pilot on a SBD Dauntless wearing tan flight suit and a M-450 flight helmet maybe.


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