APRIL 2012 – PILOT PHOTOS afew more showing a mix of WW2 to 1960s era pilots wearing flight gear

USN pilots seen gathered around a FJ-4 Fury wearing tan flight suits, garrison caps,  gun holsters and Z-3 anti g suits.


A B-26 air crew member wearing 1950s flightgear after a night mission over North Korea. He wears a A-11 flight helmet with AN-BH-1 receivers, B-8 goggles and A-14 oxygen mask with microphone. He wears a B-5 LPU along with a flight suit/boots of unknown nature.


USN pilots during WW2 in training wearing G-1 leather flight jackets and some canvas flight helmet with AN goggles between missions.


RAF WW2 era pilots around a Typhoon fighter bomber. They wear their service flight dress dark blue uniform and some wear the famous Mae West LPU over the top. Some wear 1936 leather flight boots.


Some more USN pilots during WW2 shown wearing G-1 leather flight jackets and canvas M-450 flight helmets with AN goggles.


US Navy pilot 1943 sitting in a F4U Corsair wearing a M-450 light flight helmet with AN-6510 goggles.  He wears a Mk-1 LPU.

A USAF 1950-60s era trainee pilot wearing a K-2B flight suit, P-4B flight helmet with MS22001 oxygen mask and backpack parachute harness.


USN WW2 pilot in a F4U Corsair with a ANH-15 flight helmet and AN-6510 goggles while sitting on a seat parachute harness.


US Navy pilot 1953 with a H-4 flight helmet with MS22001 oxygen mask on the Banshee canopy, while he wears a MK-2 LPU and cotton flight suit.

F9F Panther pilots wear Mk2 LPU, cotton dark green and tan flight suits and hold H-4 flight helmets.


Famous USAF pilot Paul Tibbets wearing a early generation post WW2 hard shell flight helmet – a Toptex with a A-13 oxygen mask. He wears a olive green K-2 flight suit possibly and a backpack parachute harness.


Pilot wears a M-450 flight helmet with AN goggles, MK1 LPU and tan flight / dress uniform.


A USAF trainee pilot next to a T-38 Talon wearing K-2B flight suit, L-2B flight jacket, backpack parachute harness, HGU-2A/P flight helmet with MBU-5/P oxygen mask.

Bob Roskell

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