MARCH 2012 – More pilot photos highlighting the diversity of flightgear from 1950s to 1960s and how it changed.

Robin Olds the famous Wolfpack 8th TFW leader from 1966-1967. He wears a camoflauged HGU-2A/P flight helmet with MBU-5/P oxygen mask. He wears a K-2B flight suit and SRU-21/P survival vest over these items he has a PCU-15/P harness which attaches him. securely to the Martin Baker H7 USAF ejection seat in the F-4C Phantom.

US Navy pilots wearing tan flight suits, Mk 2 LPU and H4 flight helmets sit around a F9F Pnather


A F-94 Starfire jet pilot wearing a P-3 flight helmet with visor attachment and MS22001 oxygen mask confers with other flight personnel before a flight in early 1950s.


A T-38 trainee pilot in the 1960s wearing K-2B flight suit, CSU-3/P anti g suit, BA-22 backpack parachute and holds a HGU-2A/P flight helmet/MBU-5/P oxygen mask.

Steve Malchow

A significant photo from the Korean War – a F-51D pilot signs off the “horsehoe” for the lucky 100 missions mark. He wears a B-5 LPU, L-1 flight suit, browns boots and a backpack parachute. His P-1A flight helmet and MS22001 oxygen mask is on the F-51 canopy.  Both other pilots to the left and right wears  the early 1950s era dark blue L-2A flight jacket.


A B-29 Superfortress bomber with recon mission markings from Korean war is surrounded by its crew  who wear B-15A flight jackets, A-2 leather flight jackets and maybe L-2A flight jackets.


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