In the world of collecting flightgear, i have several well placed mates with various skills, some own warbirds, some own multi million dollar flightgear collections, some collect information and others build webpage to show extremely rarely seen film clips from the past.

Thanks to Wayne, this article will allow you to see from 1940-1990s many black and white and colour, historic aviation footage – which most enthusiasts im sure have never seen. The topics mainly flightgear but covers many assorted aviation scenes such as USAF, US Navy, USMC and other air forces and events.

Password: clearedhot

Latest film clips uploaded include

* 1950s Luftwaffe Sabre 6 aircrew w P-4s and non-US harness & parachutes. Germans and Americans compare helmets. Those Saber 6s are just too cool
* 1950s F-100 nuke flash & thermal simulator, YIKES!  Probably rendered the poor bastard sterile
*  Early 1960s C-135 Vomit Comet ride w wide variety of helmets, everything from P-series to Lombards and HGUs
*  First live test of B-58 ejection capsule
• 1951 F9F famous ramp strike on USS Midway, complete sequence. The pilot, George Duncan, survived with minor injuries. Flew again in a couple of weeks.
• Color WWII F6F pilots, good gear. Rarely seen land-based Hellcats, probably New Georgia, Solomon Islands, VF-33, VF-38 or VF-40.
• Sequences from a 1960s Navy  film, Safety is Your Business, with A-4Cs from VA-43, NAS Oceana. Good APH, harness, g-suit. There are crash sequences at the end, including brief George Duncan and hairy F7U Cutlass
• Interesting commercial featuring interplay between SAAB 105 and SAAB 9000 precision driving team, Clay Lacy aerials
• Northrop F-20 Tigershark promo. No gear but nice Clay Lacy aerials
* Japanese commercial for cosmetic company with very nice Lear Jet pilot, Clay Lacy aerials

If you haven’t visited the site in awhile, be sure to check out

• We Flew the Mig, with good Chuck Yeager and Tom Collins Lombards,
• 354th TFS Life Support with probably the best looking HGUs of the Vietnam F-105 community. Not really camouflage, but rather two-tone green and brown with blue visor. Very cool
• Sea Legs, 1980s Grumman produced w good F-14. Good copy

More to come in the next few days i am told.

Currently there is currently no provision fordownloading; however, when the fully developed website is up and running that will hopefully be an option.
There are a ton of films to digitize so keep the page bookmarked and let your mates know.

We owe a debt to Wayne to sharing such rare footage.

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