FEB 2012 – Pilots photos

X-15A pilot Al White testing the aircraft specially built ejection seat for fit. Note the foot and arm locks. He wears a K-2B flight suit.

US Navy pilot during WW2 wearing M-450 flight helmet/B-8 goggles, B-3 LPU, flight suit and a QAS parachute harness getting into a TBM Avenger.

A US Navy FJ-4 Fury pilot wearing a high vis dayglo orange APH-5 with a MS22001 oxygen mask, orange colour Buweps flight suit and a Z-3 g suit. He wears a seat parachute and a harness.

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A USAF trainee pilot on a T-38 Talon in mid 1960s. Wearing a K-2B flight suit, BA-22 backpack parachute and HGU-2A/P flight helmet / MBU-5/P oxygen mask.

Roy Peacock

US Navy or USMC Panther jet pilot in Korea 1953 wearing a G-1 flight jacket, flight suit, Mk-2 LPU, H-3 flight helmet and A-13 oxygen mask. Note no g suit.

X-13 test pilot in 1955 wearing a well worn A-2 flight jacket maybe, a Toptex flight helmet with a potentially highly modified MS-22001 oxygen mask – modified for the aircraft? – with a oxygen hose coming sideways from the mask inside of below the face piece.5684592961_917312b6ef_o

T28 pilot Bob Hoover wearing flight suit, MK2 LPU, backpack parachute harness and holding a Toptex helmet?

T28 pilot in 1954 wearing K-2B flight suit and a backpack parachute harness.
Sikko Steen T-28a 51-3563 51-3503 Bryan Air Force Base

F-104 pilot with civil flight suit, backpack parachute harness and Toptex flight helmet. Note parachute has only one capewell release fitting at this stage in the development of the parachute release system.


USMC Korean War era F3D Skynight pilot with H-4 flight helmet, G-1 flight jacket, Mk-2 LPU and A-13 oxygen mask. He wears a tan colour US Navy flight suit over a work pants.



USAF F-101B interceptor pilot wearing parachute backpack harness, K-2B flight suit, HGU-2A/P flight helmet and MBU-5/P oxygen mask.


F3D Skynight in Korean War with pilot wearing red H-4 flight helmet


F-100 pilot from Blackhawks – wearing backpack parachute harness, CSU-3/P G suit, MA-1 flight jacket, HGU-2A/P flight helmet with MBU-5/P oxygen mask and K-2B flight suit.


Pilots wearing L-2A flight jacket and on right pilot is holding a P-1B flight helmet with visor.


NACA test pilot wearing backpack parachute harness, flight suit,P-4B and MS22001 oxygen mask and he holds a duck?


US Navy AJ-2 Savage aircrew wearing H-4 flight helmets with boom microphone, MK 2 LPU, tan flight suits and flight gloves.


FJ-3 Fury fighter bomber note the colourful flight helmet, believed to be a H-4 or a APH-5 maybe. Here is a film from 1958 showing USN Carrier ops on USS Essex – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW1JN-qnEHI

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F3D Skynight pilots and maintainers in 1953. Note the dark brown fur neck lined G-1 flight jacket with large squadron markings.


1960s USAF T-38A Talon pilot wearing BA series backpack parachute, HGU-2A/P flight helmet with MBU-5/P oxygen mask, CSU-3/P anti g suit and K-2B flight suit. Standard flight boots were black.

Tony Parsons

Late 1950s USAF F-80C Shooting Star pilot in his mount – note tight cockpit fit. P-4A flight helmet with MS-22001 oxygen mask shown.


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