DEC 2011 –  Fast jet flightgear was used in movies as early as the late 1940s with actors wearing it to portray specific characters. John Wayne was famous in the “JET PILOT” which was an early attempt at showing the cold war tensions between US and Russia.

The film started in 1949 and amazingly………..only finished filming in 1953!. That wasnt the end of the dramas…… it wasnt released to public viewing until 1957!!!!!

John Wayne and Janet Leigh portrayed a US and Russian pilot in the movie. Plot was a bit strange for its day considering the real world events. The flightgear  and aircraft used was at the time of film current generation but by time of release of film some were clearly superceded.

Here we see a few still scenes – Both actors wear G-3A gsuit. Wayne wears a late 1940s flight suit possibly A-4 / AN-s-31 type. They stand next to what was in 1949 a high tech early build F-86A Sabre jet.


John wears a P-1 flight helmet, early generation, A-14 oxygen mask, B-8 goggles, B-10 parachute, B-15 flight jacket, B-3 flight gloves and a bail out oxygen bottle.http://www.doctormacro.com/Images/Wayne,%20John/Annex/Annex%20-%20Wayne,%20John%20(Jet%20Pilot)_02.jpg

John wears service dress unifrom, G-3A g suit, B-10 parachute, P-1 flight helmet with A-14 oxygen mask.


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