November 2011 – More pilot photos for display and research information.

Here we see Turkish pilots in training with T-33 Shooting Stars wearing what is believed to be a mix of RCAF ( Canadian) flight gear H-4-1 flight helmet with a snap on visor and a LPU and backpack style parachute over a flight suit.

A US Navy pilot of WW2 is shown wearing tan flight suit, M-450 series flight helmet, An-6510 goggles, B-3 LPU and a seat style parachute.


3 aircrew stand in front of a TBM Avenger torpedo bomber. They all wear nearly the same gear setup. Tan flight suit, flight gloves, tan cotton and brown leather flight helmets and AN-6510 goggles. All seem to wear QAS parachute harnesses.http://navypilotoverseas.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/bhimg39.jpg

A assorted crew pose next to a TBM Avnger with Mk-2 LPU, G-1 flight jackets, leather flight helmets, goggles and tan flight suits/service dress.


The first USAF F-110A Phantom with crewing picking it up in 1962 ….later named F-4C Phantom. The aircrew are wearing K-2B flight suits with US Navy style parachute harness with Koch fittings.


An injured aircrew next to a C-119 Boxcar transport in Korea 1953. He wears a K-2 flight suit, L-2A lightweight flight jacket, baseball unit cap and backpack parachute.


An F-102 pilot posing on the ladder wearing flightgear prior to flight – K-2B flight suit, L-2B flight jacket, P-4 flight helmet / MS22001 oxygen mask and backpack parachute.


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