USAF FILM CLIPS 1950s to 1960s

JULY 2011 – In the last few weeks i have been busy with many things and finally have found time for a short update.

I have spent about 4hrs researching and have collated some rarely seen footage that incorporates pilots and flightgear scenes for viewing.

We are able to see some very historical Korean War, 1950s , 1960s and Vietnam War era scenes covering USAF and USN operations.

Please check in a few weeks for more film clips that i have sorted through.

The title on the link basically explain what is in the film clip – enjoy 🙂

18th FBW Korea pilot

F-86 Sabre pilot Korean war

F-86 Sabre pilot

USAF 1950-60s
RB-57 Canberra crew board jet

U-2 pilot

B-47 downward firing ejection seat test

X-15 pilot

X-15 pilot

Testing flight helmets

F-105 pilot debrief

USAF Europe

B-58 Hustler jet bomber inflight footage and pilot

U-2 pilot

NASA Astronaut life raft drill training

F-100 NASA pilot weightless training

POW – USN pilot captured first ever shot down over North Vietnam

USAF F-4 Phantom WSO and 1st generation LGB 1969

USAF pilots putting on flightgear in Vietnam

USN pilot instructs on F-4 Phantom

A-1E Skyraider pilot in Vietnam

USAF F-100 Super Sabre 612th TFS first mission Vietnam

Super Jolly Green Giant helicoptercrews

US Navy A-4 Skyhawk pilot 200th misison over Vietnam

USAF F-4 Phantom crews Da Nang

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