PILOT PHOTOS 1940-960s

JULY 2011 – More pilot photos from 1940-60s

US Navy pilots training group in 195ps wearing a variety of green and orange or tan flight suits, H-4 and APH-5 flight helmets with MS-2001 oxygen masks.

USAF F-106 pilot 1959 – P-4B flight helmet, MS22001 oxygen mask , parachute backpack harness, L-2B flight jacket and K-2B flight suit

F-80 pilot at Nellis AFB 1952 wearing L-2A flight jacket, K-1 flight suit and G-3 g suit.

F-51 Pilot from 18th FBW in Korean war after his magic 100 mission mark.He wears a L-1A flight suit, B-5 LPU, B-10 parachute harness and a P-1A flight helmet.

USAF Curtis Le May and another pilot 1958 after a F-104B Starfighter flight – P4B flight helmet, MS22001 oxygen mask, K-2B flight suit, parachute harness and L-2B flight jacket.

USAF RB-47 crew in 1960s wearing K-2B flight suit and flight cap. Unit scarf is worn for colour.

US Navy carrier pilots resting in ready room November 1944 wearing tan flight suits, ANH-15 flight helmet with A-14 oxygen masks, parachute harnesses and B-4 LPU. Some wear AN-6510 goggles.

US Navy Corsair pilots 1943 wearing assorted flightgear – helmets, goggles, flight suits and LPUS.

1960s Skyblazer F-100 Super Sabre USAFE pilot has a very colourful unit marked P-4A flight helmet on canopy sill.

1958 – F-100F Super Sabre with Chuck Yeager and another pilot wearing K-2B flight suits, parachute harnesses and flight cap.

F-100 pilot wearing flight cap, K-2B flight suit, CSU-3/P g suit, parachute harness, L-2B flight jacket and HGU-2/AP flight helmet.
<img style=”width: 528px; height: 423px;” src=”http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v53/craigabrahamson/Lt-2.jpg&#8221; alt=”Lt-2.

A RNZAF pilot – on right – on exchange with a USMC F3D Skynight squadron in Korean war. Both pilots wear H-4 flight helmets, MS22001 oxygen masks, flight gloves, M1944 flight goggles, tan flight suit and Mk2 LPU.
Gardner in Korea

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