June 2011 – Continuing on from Part 1, Paul has found a new Australian aviation event to now market and it will most likely be back in 2012 – bigger and better. I think this kind of display can only grow and become popular. It is unique and enables people to get a hands on feel for aircraft.

Here we see more of my review of the day.

Hunter aircraft

Jaguar aircraft

The Jaguar had some power supplied and with a flip of a few switches, a few turns of the dimmer and turn on map, you had what felt like a operational Jaguar coming to life.

SU-22 aircraft

A K-36 Russian designed and built ejection seat is fitted to the Su-22. This seat is designed much better i believe, than simialrUS ejection seats as the Russians gave better thought to head protection, leg protection and firing handle location/pulling procedures. I am guessing the ideal future ejection seat could see a US/Russian design team working together.. now that the Cold War has ended for most.

Instrument Panels

My collection
This was my display setup showing some of my flightgear and aviation journalism work

Here is me in the Jaguar looking like a lost USAF exchange program pilot…

I would like to thank Paul, his wife, their kids and his mates for “putting up” with us collectors at their home for the day. Also a special thanks to Steve for the much appreciated lift across town. I look forward to CF-A 2012.

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