JUNE 2011 – More pilot flightgear photos from a era long ago … when flightgear looked exciting and modern.

WW2 era – 1944 US Navy pilots on deck with F6F Wildcat wearing tan flight suits, various flight helmets, parachute harnesses and goggles. Really wonder how not only the USAF but the USN managed to keep stock items for all these different flightgear parts. Must of sent the life support fitters mad with requests!

1950s US Navy Corsair F4U pilot wearing the rare H-1 flight helmet with B8 goggles, tan flight suit and Mk 2 LPU.

US Navy pilots from early 1950s wearing Mk2 vests, H-3/4 flight helmets and tan flight suits.

USN WW2 Corsair F-4U pilot – wearing ANH-15 flight helmet, M1944 goggles, G-1 flight jacket over tan flight suit and pulling on some muddy flight boots.

Grumman female test pilots in flightgear room collecting gear prior to flying. They wear B-8 parachutes, G-1 flight jackets and various canvas flight helmets and goggles.

F-100 Super Sabre pilot 1950s wearing K-2 flight suit, P-4 flight helmet with artwork and visor, G-3 G suit, flight gloves and a backpack parachute harness with only 1 capewell fitting under a temporary trial.

USAF F-100 Super Sabre pilots late 1950s with very interesting flightgear worn.
P-4B flight helmets/MS22001 oxygen masks, baseball/ flight caps, Mk2 LPU, K-2B flight suits, backpack parachute harness with only 1 capewell release fitting – this was a temporary trial until found unsuitable – and CSU-3 G suits.

F-100 Super Sabre pilot 1969 USAFE – wearing a L-2B flight jacket, K-2B flight suit, HGU-2A/P flight helmet with visor edge cut away and sits on the ejection seat with a back pack parachute harness. He wears a flight cap with captains rank.

A B36 Peacemaker crew in 1948 wearing assorted flightgear as was common for this era of post war USAAF/USAF transition period. WW2 era A-4 flight suits mix it with K-1 and L-1 flight suits from WW2/post war issue.


September 1944 sees Capt R Baker from VMF-123 posing for a studio pilot shot in his flightgear – flight goggles, canvas flight helmet and G-1 flight jacket adorned with a large “8 Balls” patch.

USN TBD Devastator pilot WW2 wearing a flight cap with a headset over it, seat style parachute harness and a heavy duty leather and wool flight jacket.

F-86 Sabre jet pilot Korea 1955 wearing immersion / exposure suit made from rubber layers and water proofed, flight cap, he holds a P-3 flight helmet with artwork and a visor. He wears a B-5 LPU for floatation help.

USN Pilot during WW2 wearing a B-4 LPU, tan flight suit, ANH-15 cloth flight helmet with extra chin strap buckle, flight goggles, gloves and various survival items.

RAF Lancaster during WW2 walking away from their bomber after a sortie over Germany.
Note their Mae west life jackets, wool flight boots, parachutes packs, Irvin parachute harness and C type flight helmet.

The brave ... a British flight crew return to home soil
USN training class 1950s at NAS Grosse Ile Michigan. Note the Mk2 vests, G-1 flight jackets, canvas and leather flight helmets and various other service uniforms.

F-100 Super Sabre pilots Libya wearing K-2B flight suits, L-2A and MA-1 flight jackets with various service and name markings. Some wear flight caps.


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