May 2011 – A brand new aviation event for Australia is nearly ready for its opening weekend.

In June i will be attending the first ever large gathering of cockpit /fuselage sections in Australia which is to be held at a private collectors place as a trial event.

The owner Paul, of both the Jaguar and Su-22, has taken the idea from the successful Cockpitfest gathering which is held each year in the UK , where it brings together around 15-20 cockpits /various instrument panels and assorted items such as flightgear and given it a go in Australia.

This UK event been running for a few years at a aviation museum.
The launch of the Cockpitfest Australia event in Melbourne will be a first for a foreign location.

Cockpitfest Australia
So what will be on show? At the event will be 3 cockpits – a ex RAF Jaguar fighter bomber front fuselage/cockpit, a SU-22 fighter bomber front cockpit section and a Hunter fighter bomber front fuselage cockpit section.

ex RAF Jaguar

Sukhoi Su-22


Other items
Various cockpit panels, Russian flightgear and myself dressed as a 1960s USAF fighter pilot with parachute and flight helmet will be in attendance as extra display items.

Russian flightgearZsh 3 helmet and the Gsh 6

Event future?
A limited number of local aviation enthusiasts are expecting to attend on the day due to the location. If the event is deemed successful, a plan for a 2012 Cockpitfest Australia is likely to be examined. This would be hopefully held at a different location, as that would provide better public access and more space to display the assorted items.

The owner of the SU-22 and Jaguar is planning in the future, to mount his cockpits sections on trailers and take them to air shows, community / private events and let people actually sit inside the cockpits so they can learn about aircraft and aviation history.

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  1. SB says:

    This Su-22 was flying in 6 fiter bomber regiment Pila Poland in left front side of fiuselage under olive paint is tiger logo of that regiment (bitwine this smale intake and thist jelow red painting).
    I was in airfield when they painted him by olive its stil there. (sorry for my english)
    chears from Poland

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