1940-1970s pilot photos

MAY 2011 – More flightgear photos from the classic era of flying… when some flying was dangerous and sex safe…
Fast foward 60years and sex is now dangerous and flying is much safer – who would of thought such changes!

In the early jet age, each pilot spent years to get where they were, by undergoing training.

Considering some of the early jet engines had big reliability issues and caused crashes in which many pilots died, as i have seen the ejection/crash records of many jets in the 1940s-60s. Such aircraft as F-80s, T-33, F-86, F-84, F2H, F3D etc were crashing due to engines exploding/tearing themselves to bits.

With this happening it is indeed amazing so many pilots survived the early jet age in 1950s.

A F-84E Thunderjet pilot wearing a P-3 helmet, MS-22001 oxygen mask, B-15C flight jacket and backpack parachute awaits his next flight.

US navy pilots with F-8 Crusader fighter jet in late 1950s wearing high altitude flight gear. Note the MK IV helmets and MC-1 pressure suits. Note flight gloves and parachute harnesses are worn. The special helmets are heavy and demanded good neck muscles to hold up in g forces.

A F-2h Banshee squadron line up of pilots and flightgear. All wear Mk2 LPU and have laid their APH-5 flight helmets on the deck.

A 1970s view of a A-6 Intruder pilot. It is unable to be accurately determined what flight helmet he is wearing as so many of the customised Protection,APH-6 and HGU shells all looked the same from external viewpoint. We will assume from data available it is a HGU-34 or a APH-6E. He wears a MS-22001 oxygen mask with bayonet receivers, LPU-23 and a MA-2 harness over a SV-2 survival vest. Note the lack of nomex flight gloves.

A Korean war era US Navy pilot strapping into a F-4U Corsair. He wears a H-4 flight helmet with artwork and boom microphone. He is also wearing a Mk 2LPU and cotton flight suit.

RAAF 76 Squadron CAC Sabre jet pilots from the 1960s.
They wear HGU-2/AP flight helmets with RAF P mask, RAAF issued green cotton flight suit, RFD LPU backpack parachutes and RAF issued Mk 1 g suits.
<img style=”width: 471px; height: 263px;” src=”http://76.raafphoto.com/show.php?size=640×640&album_name=%2FPeople%2F&obj_name=Droosgang2.jpg&#8221; alt=”

USN WW2 pilot wearing a G-1 flight jacket

Line up in 1960-70s of a US navy F-8 Crusader unit pilots with some of their flight helmets. Note some pilots wear the nomex flight suit.

These F-80 pilots are celebrating the 50,000 sortie by 8th FBW in the Korean War. The pilots wear L-1A flight suits, B-3A flight gloves P-1 and P-1A flight helmets – 1 has a visor modification. Note the artwork on the helmets. They have B-5LPU and wear backpack parachute harnesses. G-3A g suits and flight boots are also noted.

F-8 Crusader pilots wearing special blue flight suits and high visibility flight helmets lined up on the carrier deck , pose for a official squadron photo.

A 1950s era F-84 Thunderjet pilot from the Ohio ANG, wearing B-15C flight jacket, G-3A g suit, backpack parachute and L-1B flight suit.
WW2 US Navy pilot wearing ANH-15 canvas helmet, M-1944 flight goggles and a tan flight shirt along with a parachute harness.

VF-111 “Flying Sundowners” pilots in special bright yellow flight suits, pose with their high vis XO flown F-4B Phantom in the 1970s. Note the equally colourful flight helmets on the deck.

WW2 US navy pilot with AN-6510 goggles, flight helmet, possibly a B-3 LPU and a parachute harness.

Grumman test pilots in early 1970s pose with a F-14 Tomcat fighter bomber. They wear high vis yellow flight suit, MA-2 harnesses, LPU-2s ,Mk 2 g suits and tan flight caps.

1950s era US Navy pilot and ensign on the deck prior to a AD-4 flight mission. They wearing tan cotton flight suit, MK2 LPU and ensign uniform. A h-4 flight helmet is held by the ensign.

Philippine Air Force and USAF F-86 Sabre jet pilots wearing K-2B flight suits, flight caps, backpack parachutes, P-4B flight helmets with MS22001 oxygen masks. Note lack of g suit.

A Phillipine Air Force C-130 Hercules pilot – with a USAF issued headset – at the controls.

A US navy pilot practising been winced up by a rescue helicopter. He wears the rubber exposure suit, H-4 flight helmet, Mk2 LPU.

WW2 USN pilots with B-4 LPU, cotton flight suits, An-6510 goggles and various flight helmets.

A rescued US Navy pilot steps out of a H-5 helmet onto the deck of the carrier Valley Forge. he wears a leather AN series flight helmet, M-1944 flight goggles, Mk2 LPU and a nylon flight suit with a possible Z series g suit over the top.

Another colourful F-8 Crusader squadron pilot line up in 1970s with their international orange flight suits and G-1 flight jackets. Note the colourful flight helmets at front.

A F4U Corsair pilot wearing a H-1 flight helmet, G-1 flight jacket and Mk 2 LPU.


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