April 2011 – A large variety of different photos to show different flightgear setups covering 40years of flying.

Here we have a test video from 1960s showing the White Sands test range with rocket powered testing of missile warheads, ejection seats , capsules – F-111 and weapons dispensers.

USN pilots 1950s with a F9F Panther. Pilots wear Mk2 LPU, tan and olive green flight suits, Z-2 g suit and maybe holding as H-3 flight helmet.

USAF pilots 1950s with a T-33, wearing B-5 LPU, flight boots and K-1/L-1 flight suits.

F-80 pilot with a P-1B flight helmet with visor, B-15B nylon flight jacket. Another P-1B flight helmet is on P-80 canopy sill behind him.

A pilot with his family, he is wearing a garrison cap, officer uniform, holding a P-3 flight helmet with a MS-22001 oxygen mask.

1950s – P-80 pilot with a B-5 LPU, L-1 flight suit and P-3 flight helmet.

SR-71 pilot – Before – getting dressed for flight. They wear the Full Pressure Suit David Clark S1030 Suit. The suit has inner and outer layers for protection. Note the ALSE locker with helmet and flight suit behind him showing the gear used by another pilot.

Getting there….

Nearly done…

Final checks – testing the oxygen supply, suit pressure and communications

USAF 1960s – F-86 Sabe pilot wearing K-2B flight suit, backpack parachute harness, CSU-3/P g suit, HGU-2/P flight helmet with MBU-5/P oxygen mask. He wears a garrison cap with captain rank bars.

A F-104 pilot with garrison cap with rank bars, either a L-2B or MA-1 flight jacket, HGU-2A/P flight helmet with artwork / MBU-5/P oxygen mask.

USAF 1970s
An interesting view of a RF-4C Phantom as it pulls in to its revetment in Thailand during Vietnam War era – around 1972.

Note how in this late war period how the HGU-2A/P flight helmets were dark painted and camouflaged. Quite effective compared to plain white helmets. Note how the white Loran rack stands out on spine.

Anyone ever wondered what ejection seats look like underwater after a crash… well here is a view of what is a “used” Aces ejection seat.

A 1970s view with a crew wearing high visual reflective tape on their HGU-2A/P flight helmet on a stateside USAF base.

1960s US Navy pilot with a T-2 Buckeye – wearing tan flight suit, MA-2 harness, APH-6 flight helmet with Butterfly bayonets / MS-22001 mask, Mk2 anti g suit and standard era US Navy brown flight boots.

USAF 1960s – various pilots sitting at a briefing wearing K-2B flight suits and L-2B flight jackets. Note the large TAC patches sewn on left sides of suits and jackets.

USAF ANG Sabre pilot with a HGU-2/P flight helmet/MBU-5/P oxygen mask, garrison cap, K-2B flight suit, backpack parachute harness and sitting on a NAA ejection seat.

Another Sabre pilot with a K-2B flight suit, garisson cap and backpack parachute.

USN pilots 1945 collecting F7F Tigercats fighters in USA – note G-1 flight jackets, AN-6519 LPU, tan flight suits and canvas flight helmets with AN-6510 goggles.

Another view showing the flightgear.<img style="width: 512px; height: 403px;" src="" class="attachment-949×9999" alt="

P-80 Shooting Star demonstration team 1946 with Robin Olds in middle. Note A-4 flight suits, ANH-15 / A-11 flight helmets with AN-B-H-1 receivers and B-8 flight goggles. Within a few months plans to provide better flight helmets due to canopy of the jet and wind blast from ejecting at high speeds would soon be in development leading to the B-1 and then P-1 series flight helmet.

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