1940s / 1950s / 1960s US NAVY and USAF PILOT PHOTOS

March 2011 – A review of 1940-1960s flightgear worn by USAF and US Navy pilots. A rare exception is the NASA crew training photos.


General Quesada in 1948 commandeered the USAF TAC. He is seen wearing a P-1 flight helmet in a F-80A Shooting Star. He wears a standard dress uniform and holds a B-10

parachute harness.

<img style="width: 619px; height: 621px;" src="http://jetpilotoverseas.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/6d3104abbfa94646_large.jpg?w=949" class="attachment-949×9999" alt="6d3104


Blue Angels in1947 shown wearing nylon flight suits, tan garrison caps and a leather flight helmet with goggles. The nylon suit didn’t last long as it was a fire hazard melting into the skin in a fire…..


US Navy VT-20 Avenger crew in 1944 wearing 1092 leather / M450 flight helmets with AN-6530 goggles. , LPUs are the B-3 and Mk1 type, G-1 flight jackets over a standard dress pants. Normal dress shoes are worn.


1945 US navy pilot wearing a ANH-15 cloth flight helmet with AN-6530 goggles, A-14 oxygen mask, 1 piece tan USN flight suit and a B-4 LPU.


Testing prototypes and service high altitude flight helmets in 1954, MA-1, K-1 and what looks like a P-1 helmet modified with a face screen.

USAF Korean War B-29 crew doing a informal flightgear check and crew form up prior to a mission over North Korea. Note the varied and different base casual /crew gear they wear , flight caps and the flightgear piled up for inspection.

Alan Shepherd training 1959 in A F-102 Delta Dagger. A HGU-2/P flight helmet with hardmann oxygen bayonet receivers for a MS22001 oxygen mask – resting on the cockpit console, backpack parachute, US Navy Mk-2 LPU and a K-2B flight suit.<img style="width: 578px; height: 871px;" src="http://jetpilotoverseas.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/94d4a4a3ffb3cc63_large.jpg?w=842" class="attachment-949×9999" alt="94d4a4a3http://jetpilotoverseas.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/a0fb7e68bc2bf9b1_large.jpg

F-84 pilot drinking juice throu the drinking tube of the MA-2 flight helmet and S-1 high altitude flight suit set.



NASA trainee pilot wearing a special flight suit custom made flight suit and a MA-1 flight jacket while inside the KC-135 Vomit Comet in 1963. He wears a space walking module frame pack. The flight helmet has a reinforced front/top area and looks like aderivative of the MB-3 lightweight helmet. <img style="width: 601px; height: 910px;" src="http://jetpilotoverseas.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/9b1ec1f1c243e086_large1.jpg?w=842" class="attachment-949×9999" alt="9b1

Note the unusual flight suits in the photo. Note also the flight path for the weightlessness Vomit Comet.

<img style="width: 584px; height: 882px;" src="http://jetpilotoverseas.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/0ea4dca6154d588e_large1.jpg?w=842" class="attachment-949×9999" alt="0ea4

USAF pilot in Vietnam awaiting to fly a A-37 Dragonfly. He wears a K-2B flight suit, CSU-3/P gsuit, BA-18 backpack parachute harness, flight boots, HGU-2A/P flight helmet and MBU-5/P oxygen mask in bag in left hand, pistol belt and a survival knife is seen on right thigh area.

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