MARCH 2011 – Here we showcase some pilot / flightgear images from WW2.

Some are in colour which is great to see which shows the colour of the gear better to historians and collectors.


We see a bombardier in the lower nose section of a B-24 Liberator bomber. He wears a RAF issued C type flight helme fitted with USAAF AN-BH-1 receivers, USAAF A-14 oxygen mask, AN- 6530 goggles, B-3 jacket maybe and a B-3 or B-4 LPU.


Another bombardier in a late war B-17G Flying Fortress wears a AN-H-16 wool lined flight helmet, A-14 oxygen mask, parachute harness, A-4 flight suit and a B-4 LPU possibly.


Here we see a B-17 Flying Fortress crew doing a mission briefing. An assorted variety of flight gear is seen here – B-5 and A-11 flight helmets, B-2 caps, B-3/4 LPUs, A-3/A-4 parachute harnesses and could be some S-2 seat packs, flying shoes brown type, A-4 flight suits and A-2 flight jackets.


We have a RAF bomber crew with a GQ parasuit on left member, both wear B helmet and D oxygen masks. Both wear heavy leather/fur/wool lined flight suits. It shows the tight confines of a cockpit and how easy it was to snag flightgear on a control or dial if not careful in twisting or turning.

A student pilot possibly wearing a B helmet with gosport tubes, flight suit and drinking a cup of tea.

A snug RAF bomber crew wearing assorted gear -B flight helmets, D oxygen masks, Irvin fur flying jackets and GQ parasuits.

A Royal Navy Seafire pilot wearing naval uniform, Mae West LPU and holds a RN version of the C flight helmet with a G oxygen mask.

Note the beard … most aircrew were told to not have beards as they interfered with the seal of the oxygen mask. In the RN obviously looks took place over safety of oxygen mask procedures!.

A PRU Spitifre pilot has his aircraft camera installed for a flight. He wears a B flight helmet, Mae West LPU, D oxygen mask, Mk VII goggles, leather gloves, seat C-2 parachute harness and standard RAF battle dress uniform for flight.

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