FEB 2011 – Coming up on Sunday Feb 27 is the airshow at the HARS Museum located at Albion Park airport, south of Sydney in the Wollongong region.

Here is the link to what is happening – http://www.woi.org.au


HARS airshow which has grown from a open day, is expanding each year and attracting upwards of 30-40,000 each year.

This aviation event is a now a regular calendar feature for the south coast of NSW and for the Australian warbird community nowdays.

It has been able to attract many aircraft and displays such as – Australian Air Force, Army, Navy, Air Cadets, general aviation, community groups and cars groups.

I have attended every show since 2007 watching it become better and bigger.

I will be meeting a few people in warbird community on the airshow day and catching up on news regarding several projects i am interested in seeing how they have developed since last my visit.


I started my first ever flightgear heritage reenacting display in 2008 on a HARS open day and it has grown with considerable support from HARS …..into a large heritage flying gear display each year. My thanks go to Chuck and Dick for this start into the warbird world.

My various displays have helped to add a innovative and interesting complimentary feature to the line up for the general public to view along side other aviation displays.

The display i created helps to explain the connection between history of warbirds and pilots and how they fly an aircraft while wearing the flightgear.

Living history displays are big attractions overseas and HARS is a good event for me as it has large crowd numbers, which enable me to get exposure and for people to learn more about pilot role in flight.

In my display setup and photo shoots i try to educate/answer questions and mingle with the crowd while I pose alongside warbird aircraft/museum aircraft to enable the general public to see a military aircraft in the correct context ie with a pilot in the gear as worn by the aircraft on display.

I have been supported and urged on by many from within HARS and i appreciate the assistance/access that i am given.

I am hoping within next 2 years to have a warbird aircraft cockpit display as well on show to further expand my collection.


My main display set up which will be again as usual found in the large super hangar. Each year i am adding more features to my display layout.

It will have flight manuals, flight helmets, patches, my rare USAF F-4 Phantom ejection seat to sit in and wear a flight helmet for a small charge, various bits of flying gear from WW2-1980s and information displays to see.

Some photos from previous displays –

<img style="width: 222px; height: 329px;" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Cn52Cz_NMC8/S4p0qagGhCI/AAAAAAAABOE/gPoz-A5Wtjo/s1600/20100228_7270.JPG&quot; alt="[20100228_7270.<img style="width: 296px; height: 329px;" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Cn52Cz_NMC8/S4pwCOJCPsI/AAAAAAAABL8/W3tU8jHf64Q/s1600/20100228_7307.JPG&quot; alt="[20100228_7307.


This year i will be doing heritage flight gear displays alongside the following aircraft all going well on the day –

HARS aircraft

* CAC Sabre jet in 1960s RAAF pilot gear – potential in cockpit photo shoot being assessed

* WW2 RAAF Catalina flight gear display

* CAC Canberra – 1960s RAAF pilot flightgear display

Visiting aircraft

* Combat Dragon’s A-37B Dragonfly – potential in cockpit photo shoot being assessed


2008 open day http://heritageflightgear.blogspot.com/2009/01/hars-museum-open-day-march-2008.html

2009 open dayhttp://heritageflightgear.blogspot.com/2009/02/hars-museum-open-day-2009.html

2010 open dayhttp://heritageflightgear.blogspot.com/2010/02/hars-open-day-feb-2010-review-of.html


My thanks go to Bob, Mike, Phil, Jim, Dick, Stuart, Jeff and others i regularly liaise with on these HARS days.

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