1950-60s Pilot photos

FEB 2011 – Another lot of assorted photos showing USAF pilots in the 1950-1960s and some ROKAF Korean pilots in 1950s.

U.S. Air Force personnel assigned to the 119th Fighter Wing “Happy Hooligans”, North Dakota Air National Guard, pose for a photo in front of a F-51D Mustang aircraft at Camp Williams, Wisconsin in 1953. Pictured left-to-right, Robert Olwin; Duane “Pappy” Larson; and Thornton E. Becklund. They wear a mix of K-1 and L-1 flight suits, A-11 flight helmet with A-14 oxygen mask backpack parachutes, ww2 goggles AN type, B-5 LPU, baseball caps and flight boots.

<img style="width: 616px; height: 501px;" src="http://jetpilotoverseas.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/df-sd-07-26055.jpeg?w=949" class="attachment-949×9999" alt="

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Here we see L-1 flight suit, K-1 possibly K-2 flight suit and L-2A Jackets. Note P-1A flight helmet and MS-22001 oxygen mask on canopy frame.


ROKAF converted some of its pilots to fly the NAA F-51D Mustang early on in the war under the Bout 1 program with USAF instructors. Eventually the ROKAF did its own training at a base on the east coast.

Here we see a ROKAF F-51D Mustang pilot preparing for a flight – wearing USAF issued P-1A flight helmet, A-14 oxygen mask, B-5 LPU, B-10 backpack parachute and L-1 flight suit.



F-100 Super Sabre pilot in Vietnam wears a garrison cap, LPU-2/P vest, flight boots, SRU-21/P survival vest, CSU-3/P g suit, K-2B flight suit and flight gloves.


Col Albert F-86 Sabre jet pilot holding a P-3 flight helmet with visor / MS22001 oxygen mask, G-3A g suit, L-2A jacket and B-5 LPU


119th FW “Happy Hooligans” F-94 Starfire pilots at Hector Field in 1950s.The pilots wear a mix of L-1A and K-2B flight suits. They hold P-3 flight helmets. They wear baseball caps with their unit markings. They wear L-2B jackets.http://jetpilotoverseas.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/df-sd-07-26043.jpeg

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