More USAF 1950-60s flightgear photos

JAN 2011 – More photos showing of the USAF flightgear from the 1940s-1960s era.

1940s USAF

Chuck Yeager and the Bell X-1 in 1949. Chuck wears a interim flight helmet made from a US Army WW2 tank helmet and mated to a USAAF WW2 era flight helmet. This was part of the USAAF first generation of flight helmets. He has a A-13A oxygen mask on the helmet. He wears potentially what looks like WW2 flight boots from the RAF 1936 style?

1950s USAF

39th FIS pilot with a nice pistol..

Korea 1955 USAF transport crews wearing a mix of B-15A, B-15C and N-2 flight jackets.

In 1954 at the Idaho ANG, Brig Gen Becklund wears a P-3 helmet with MS22001 oxygen mask while L-1A flight suit and L-2A flight jacket. A backpack parachute is used.

The USAF Skyblazers team was an early jet aerobatic team which used skilled pilots to perform airshow displays. The 1951 scene show the pilots all wearing P-1 flight helmets with MS22001 oxygen mask and in K-2 flight suit green colour. Note the large flight suit patches and helmet artwork.

1960s USAF

RF-101 Vodoo Vietnam pilot wearing a K-2B flight with with a HGU-2A/P flight helmet and MBu-5/P oxygen mask. A backpack style parachute is worn.

USAF F-111 testing crews 1965 wore typical testing gear. Note the ejection seats in this airframe. A private acquired flight suit and aToptex flight helmet is worn by the crew. A special harness is worn over the suit.

Another view of a testing crew both wearing HGU-2/P flight helmets and MBU-5/P oxygen masks. Note the ejection seats which were found in only early build F-111s in testing. Later F-111 models had capsule ejection function and only normal seats were needed.


In 1965 a F-111A test pilot wearing a HG-2A/P flight helmet and MS22001 oxygen mask in a Hardmann face piece is examining the wing sweep controls in a cockpit training session. Note he wears early era Nomex flight gloves.<img style="width: 580px; height: 574px;" src="" class="attachment-949×9999" alt="P.

Mid 1960s a F-101 Vodoo Radar Intercept Officer – RIO – stands next to a F-101B Vodoo of the 2nd FIS at Suffolk AFB in NY. He wears flight boots, K-2B flight suit, a HGU-2A/P flight helmet rests on canopy sill, he wears a L-2B light jacket with variety of patches. A baseball cap with his “A” flight markings is worn.

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A photo of the Wild Weasel 1 pilots at Korat AFB Thailand in 1966. They wear K-2B flight suits with WW1 patches. They were mostly the Jungle Jim styled “bush hat” and some wear the overseas cap. Note the large high vizTAC patches on their flight suit. Note the rank on the bush hats. Pilot in front far right wears a backpack parachute.

The F-105F was the Wild Weasel 2 aircraft which replaced the F-100F Wild Weasel 1.

Here we see a Wild Weael crew state side in USA training.

Both wear HGU-2A/P flight helmets and MBU-5/P oxygen masks, backpack style parachutes, L-2B flight jackets with high viz jacket patches.

The white HGU-2A/P flight helmets with reflective tape for rescue make this definitely in USA.

Most crews by 1967 wore camouflaged flight helmets in Vietnam – green and tan paint generally same as the paint scheme on the aircraft – as white made them be seen for miles by a trained eye in a Mig interceptor.



The same pilots now in 1968 in a warzone….with the 23rd TFS, pose next to their F-105F Wild Weasel in Thailand prior to a mission over North Vietnam to take on SA-2 Guideline SAM sites.

They both wear K-2B flight suits, SRU-21/P survival vest, CSU-3/P g suit, flight boots and backpack style parachutes.
Note the CBU-24 cluster bombs on the centreline MER pylon.

USAF pilot in 1965 after flying his 100th RF-101C mission into North Vietnam.He wears a K-2B flight suit, flight boots and a backpack parachute. Note on right leg is a survival kit/chap.

He wears a LPU-2/P life vest harness under parachute. He wears a WW2 era C-1 survival vest for use in case he is shot down.

Mid 1960s photo showing ANG pilots from St Louis 110th TFS next to a F-11C Super Sabre.

All wear same gear – HGU-2A/P flight helmet / MBU-5/P oxygen masks, CSU-3/P g suit, K-2B flight suit, backpack parachute and overseas cap. Note various TAC and unit patches on flight suits.

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