JAN 2011 – Something exciting and new for 2011 – i will at times be allowing people to see just how a flight helmet is restored/rebuilt and how complex they can become.

I am restoring a HGU-55/P flight helmet into how the RAAF F-111 aircrew would of used them in the mid-late 1990s era.

*So we can all do this at home – you will need the following items – (kids ask your parents before you run off to ebay or internet to spend on the bankcard – as it costs a lot to acquire) – to build your own set.

1 x Gentex HGU-55/P flight helmet
1 x RAAF configured P or Q type oxygen mask with grey and green shell/rubber.
1 x set of single slot bayonets – very hard to acquire.
1 x Black tinted visor
1 x Cloth visor cover grey colour
1 x rubber grommet for com cord
1 x Cord, Communications, Type CX-4708A/AIC
2 x
Earphones H-143 19ohm – USAF type 1 x TPL liner assembly sock & bubble
1 x Liner Foam type shock absorbing black colour
1 x set bayonet receiver low profile type
1 x black com cord clip

This total should cost the average person around $1,050 US.
Can be cheaper or more expensive depending on your luck.

Shown are the parts i have so far and a basic layout.

Over the next few months i will show via this blog how to build such a helmet up into a F-111 flight helmet. Stay tuned for more.

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