NOV 2010 – A update for people to see a small segment of my extensive flight gear collection.

I have been collecting for around 14years flightgear and i started off with a USN flight helmet from 1980s. I then brought a USAF P-1B flight helmet and HGU-55/P flight helmet.

From 2001 onwards i found a yahoo forum for flying gear collectors and began to connect with local and overseas collectors. I have gained many mates and information from this link. Each year since 2001 i have spent much money and time expanding my collection.

In comparison i have may one of the biggest collections in Australia at present or could be others but when compared to some USA collectors i have known, who have spent $1m+ on collection, i am very small in the world hobbie of flight gear collecting.

Shown below are some of the flight helmets in my collection –

These are WW2 cloth and leather flight helmets from RAF and USAAF equipment – USAAF
ANH-15 cloth helmet with a A-14 oxygen mask, RAF Type C leather helmet with a H oxygen mask , USAAF A-11 leather helmet with a A-14 oxygen mask and a RAF Type E mesh helmet with a H oxygen mask.

P flight helmets – the USAF first hard protection type flight helmet. The left photo is of a few unique P-1/P-1As with MS22001 oxygen masks and right shows the last series P-4Bs with MBU-5/P oxygen masks.

The left photo shows Vietnam 1960s era HGU-2A/P flight helmets with MBI-5/P oxygen masks and the right shows the 1980s – current HGU-55/P flight helmets with MBU-12/P oxygen masks.

Pilots dont just wear flight helmets. They require flight boots.
The boots cover most commonly seen RAF/RAAF and USAAF/USAF types used from 1936 until 1980s.

Pilots also need flight suits and jackets.
This flying clothes rack covers from WW2 up to 1990s in flight suits and jackets.

The left side represents WW2 era cotton suits and 1940s/1950s jackets in middle and modern flight gear 1960-80s on right side.
Note the many shades of colours from khaki to dark blue to light green to bright orange to olive green and desert tan.
Materials are such types as cotton, nylon and nomex.

That is just in 60 years of flight suit development.

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