NOV 2010 – As a invited guest for the day – and by days end a new Aussie warbird member – i was able to see what challenges the AWA / warbird community are facing regarding safety issues for the future.

I was meant to attend the 2010 AWA conference but was away volunteering at a railway heritage project at the time, so 2011 was the first for me.

I had heard of most of the people who attended as i had been working with some on past airshow events/displays or corresponding by emails. Some people were new to me so i expanded my contacts.

I was able to listen to various aviation and warbird speakers, while sitting amongst people i have come to respect and look up to as reliable, good and who i see are “custodians” of aviation history.

(A interesting story i had related to me recently about flightgear items and could well be transposed to other historical items as well – stated that anyone who owns a historical item never really truly owns it but it is hoped they become a “generational custodian”. This means they preserve it and ensure it is saved from destruction. They then pass it onto another generation of people in time , so they to become the next custodian).

The AWA conference ran for 5hrs and had a variety of speakers, some who included – AWA board – Kim Rolph Smith, Stephen Crocker and Charlie Camilleri, HARS – Bob De La Hunty, Temora Museum – Darren Crab, CASA – Jim Coyne and media – Jeff Watson.

Nov 14 was the AWA AGM which i didn’t attend.

I had a small display of my warbird photos and some of my flightgear items to interest the members. I also took some photos of the meeting for official purposes also.

The conference sign

A photo of the conference members

My AWA flightgear display setup – new photos specially prepared for the meeting, flight helmets, manuals, flight suit, magazine, patches and info on me.

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