OCT 2010 – The concept of heritage flightgear displays /working with warbird owners /museums is in Australia still relatively new for most people to grasp.

Over in the USA, there are a few groups of dedicated and enthusiastic people who work to make the living history re-enactments as vivid as possible to ensure the current generation dont forget the people of the past.

A major American group is the Warbird living history group –

I hope in time some kind of similar group can be formed in Australia, as many people already reenact across Australia to ensure the history of WW1, WW2 and Vietnam era war army setups are seen and remembered.

Hopefully a growing interest in WW1/WW2/Korea/Vietnam reenactment and warbird operators will occur over the next few years allowing more people at airshows and fly in events to see historical scenes. The potential for other people to become interested and start up what i have done as well in Australia and form new link ups are welcomed.

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