OCT 2010 – HFG has been requested to attend Ingham Wings and Wheels Airshow (3-4 September 2011), which is currently at an advanced stage of planning at Ingham in North Queenland (NQ). We have submitted an event program and are awaiting to hear if fully accepted.


This airshow will feature all aspects of aviation, from ultralights and gyros to sport, recreational, commercial, vintage, Warbird and possibly Defence aircraft (STC). There will also be a wide range of restored military vehicles, motorcycles, classic and performance cars, military re-enactors, trade displays and entertainment on offer during the two-day event. Warbirds and associated historical displays will feature prominently.

I have been friends and worked with the Event Co-ordinator, Christian Smith for a few years now, being interested in and supportive of his airshow project for some time. We both share the common interest of seeing aviation and its history flourish in Australia.

Christian has invested a lot of time and effort into this project already and is working with many Warbird owners/operators and others to provide an interesting and varied display programme.


I have been asked to attend to give the North Queensland public a new and interesting airshow experience.

To showcase the heritage of flightgear to the general public, I am hoping to bring my

  • F-4 Phantom ejection seat and hopefully a F-86 Sabre ejection seat
  • various items of flightgear to enable public interaction with ALSE gear and various items on show to allow the public to get up close and learn about flying gear
  • patches and flightgear items for sale

A similar setup with improvements as shown below, will used to showcase the gear.

Shown below is my first major display at HARS Museum Open day in 2010 – will have improvements for 2011 season.

My F-4 Phantom ejection seat is the only “Warbird” seat on public display/ touring at Australian airshows. The general public are allowed, for a small fee , to sit on the F-4 Phantom ejection seat and wear a flight helmet for photo purposes – great fun for kids and adults alike.

My F-86 Sabre ejection seat is under restoration and should hopefully by then be ready for public display.


The key reason I am attending the Ingham Wings and Wheels Airshow, beside displaying my flightgear, is that there are potential plans underway to have some interesting ground and aerial re-enactment events on the weekend. This will enable people to experience and see “living history” and understand historical events better. I will be working with other local military re-enactors and hopefully making history come alive. Stay tuned for more information.


Staging these Warbird photo events enables the public to see what aircrew wore and how it related to the aircraft and the roles.

The displays enable the general public to see Warbirds and correct/authentic period flight gear together. It helps people to understand more about technology, history and how compact a cockpit was for pilots.

To give people an insight of what to expect at Ingham, here are some past examples of Australian Warbirds and myself.

Randal McFarlane’s 0-1 Birdog /myself displaying as a USAF / RAAF Forward Air Controller from the Vietnam War, David Hack Meet 2009

<img style="width: 616px; height: 409px; font-family: georgia;" src="; alt="[

<img style="width: 623px; height: 931px; font-family: georgia;" src="; alt="[

Caboolture Fighter Museum CAC Mustang VH-MFT / myself as RAAF 77Sqn Korean War pilot , HARS Museum Open Day 2010

<img style="width: 633px; height: 705px; font-family: georgia;" src="; alt="[20100228_7307.

HARS Museum CAC Sabre jet / myself displaying as a RAAF 1960 fast jet pilot

<img style="width: 572px; height: 405px; font-family: georgia;" src="; alt="[20100228_7272.

For more insight here are some past events where I have organised/displayed my flight gear displays alongside well known Australian Warbird museums and operators –

HARS museum collection and other Warbirds –

Ross Pay Warbird collection at Scone in 2009 –


To find out more about the upcoming event – contact Christian Smith – Event Coordinator :

Phone : 07 4728 1283 Mobile : 0418 636727

E-mail :

Web pages for the Ingham Wings and Wheels Airshow are found at



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