Classic fighter pilot songs from 1950-60s

AUGUST 2010 – Here are some classic fighter pilot songs from 1950s and 1960s sung by 2 famous singers – Oscar Brand and Dick Jonas. Many aviation people may or may not of heard of these songs.

Itazuke Tower is a paordy on the Korean War with a USAF F-51 Mustang pilot dying to return to base but Tower Operations refuse him a slot to land….

Yankee Air Pirate was the slang term for the USAF pilots who bombed North Vietnam in 1960-70s in the Vietnam War… the term stuck and a song was formed…

In the Korean war 1950-53, the USAF deployed a large number of reserve units/aircrews to assist the active duty USAF in the war. Here is a song that sums up the Reservist’s opinon of the USAF active units.. (still could be true nowdays – who knows…)

In the Vietnam war , some pilots went everywhere. In a parody of the “Ive been everywhere” song.. here is a Vietnam war version…

The main USAF fighter bomber used during the Vietnam war was the F-105 Thunderchief, built by Republic. A Hog to many. Here is its own song…

A song to sum up the attitude about flying over Korea in the Korean War…

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