July 2010 – 1 year ago if some one had said i would one day own a near complete Martin Baker H7 USAF ejection seat as used in a F-4 Phantom —- i would of told them they are dreamin.

One year on, i have virtually completed the restoration of the ejection seat as far as possible for the moment.

The ejection seat is pretty much complete as it was in service installed in F-4D Phantom 66-7539.

I recently acquired a set of the extremely hard to find and complete – shoulder straps/risers and after installation it looks much better.
Still have some work to go on repacking the main parachute housing and drogue chute housing sections.

Due to cost and issues i wont be able to install the main seat beam, rocket pack or some small items around the top of the seat.

The seat will be on display at various airshows and events over the next few years, so many people will get to see what a F-4 Phantom ejection was once like in service.

Currently it is the only civil ejection seat in Australia that im aware of travelling to airshows for displays.

This seat is part of my long term education project to enlighten, educate and encourage young kids and adults to learn about ALSE and military aviation history.

I have plans to potentially acquire a F-86 Sabre ejection seat from the 1950s within next few years.

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