USN 1960s APH-6B AND MS22001 SET

JUNE 2010 In the late 1960s the USN seeked to improve their APH-6A flight helmet.
The helmet i have displayed is a APH-6B model which was improved with the main change in the APH-6A with better earphone and visor setup. The earcups are seen on the side by the white disc , these were screwed inside to the helmet.
The APH-6B has a ramshorn double-visor enabling use of a dark and clear visor at same time. My helmet was made by Sierra as they have one-piece ramshorn visors.

USN flight helmets from 1960s were extremely bulky and heavy items. The APH-6 series was medium heavy helmet in weight but it was a improvement over the heavy APH-5 shell design.
The APH-6 removed the oxygen mask tabs and included new Butterfly bayonets clips that fitted into a track system on each side of the helmet.

The USN modified the MS22001 oxygen masks to have a CRU-79 Redar pressure regulator connected to provide oxygen as per USN requirements. The CRU-79 regulator and regulator connection are enclosed in a cloth retention pocket attached to the SV2 Survival Vest at the pilots chest level. Shown below is a USN 1970s oxygen setup manual document.

Figure 6-1.jpg (150067 bytes)

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