June 2010 – On display is my RAF late model WW2 era C type flight helmet and H type Oxygen mask. The C helmet was a design to improve on the B type helmet and was introudced in 1942 to all frontline units.

The helmet has chamosis lined padding like the E helmet in my previous articles.
The goggles are not WW2 era but close to show what the period era pilot wore.
(These goggles nowdays Mk 8 type can cost $250-700 to acquire just abit too much for my likes).

The C helmet was made from leather and was well liked, many USAAF pilots preferred this over the USAAF A-11 type flight helmet.


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2 Responses to RAF / RAAF C HELMET – WW2

  1. I believe I have this particular Flight gear Altho the googles Have split lenses Why would that be and 1 of the lenses is Broken! My partner says its Rubbish But im thinking they are our past They are in Fair condition and just left in a box in the garage.Do you have any answers for me! Im thinking there is someone out there that will feel the same as I do Reguards Dee

  2. The glasses were designed that way in the old days as the curve glass was diifficult to make until around 1940s. The flightgear you have is worth something so dont throw it out. You may wish to consider restoring the leather helmet with leather cleaner and cleaning up glasses leather too. It is best to not have in a garage but in a more stable inside environment.

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