June 2010 – The RAAF – Royal Australian Air Force – in the 1960s-70s used a HGU-2/AP flight helmet with a P mask to meet their needs for aircrew protection. This was combining best of US and UK ALSE technology. Most aircraft were either UK or US built at the time.

The HGU-2A/P helmet was worn in most aircraft such as CAC Sabre, Mirage and Canberra bombers. The standard HGU-2/AP helmet was given in the 1960s a high-viz enhancement by adding orange and white reflective tape strips to the shell.

The RAF P type oxygen mask was better than US types at the time, as the P mask and some do believe today even fits better to a face profile. The P mask was attached using bayonets linked to a chain swivel joint on the oxygen mask skeleton shell. The pilot merely lifted the lock down tab upwards and the oxygen mask drops forward. This was also handy as US masks were side released and needed to be swung out of the way – could be a hassle – where as a free swinging mask was less a problem to aircrew.

The USAF communication system was modified for fitting onto the P mask and this has remained the current setup even in 2010 for the RAAF.

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