1980s HGU-55/P AND MBU-12/P

JUNE 2010 – This helmet set is a rare set nowdays, been a early 1980s HGU-55 flight helmet and a rare early 1980s MBU-12/P green oxygen mask. The HGU-55 was introduced into USAF service in late 1983 according to notes. My helmet has a contract and aging to show i believe it is from 1982 dating period. Contract details can vary so it may not be 1982 but i believe so far it is a indicator that the helmet is a early 1980s production run. The oxygen mask MBU-12/P was a follow on to the MBU-5/7P series and was developed in late 1970s. My oxygen mask is dated 1978/1979/1980 thus it was one of the very first in service. It is impossible to find such a early mask nowdays – most are mid 1980s- 1990s or 2000s – onwards models for collectors.

The HGU-55 introduced low visual colour paint, and reverted back to the 1950s type of visor mounts , external on helmet, held on by snaps. A chamosis cover with velcro attaches to the visor to keep clean and protected when not in use.

The HGU-55 is the most common helmet nowdays, used in virtually every country and by warbird pilots. The MBU-12 has been replaced in most military forces by MBU-20/23 series oxygen mask.

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