JUNE 2010 The USAF and USN in late stages of WW2 and into 1950s and 1960s used a simple headset in light trainers, transports, helicopters and other liason aircraft.

The headset was designed to upgrade the WW2 era HS-38 headset.

The main components in the later era headset are the ANH-B-1 headset and use of a mircophone boom type M-6A attached.

The headset has 2 cords – one with a red ending PL-354 jack plug on brown braided pigtail communications cord. The other is for the boom microphone M-6A/UR boom microphone with a PJ-291 cord ending.

The headset sits comfortably on the head using the ANH-15 style chamois covered earpads which are fixed via the ANH-B-1 receiver elements, to a extendable twin pronged head band covered in thin leather strips. These bands are movable back and front, to adjust the fitting on the head.

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