APRIL 2010– In a rather protracted acquisition project which has taken over 3years for me to complete, i finally acquired a USAAF seat parachute model from WW2.

Due to the rarity of these parachute types nowdays , as many flight gear collectors are bidding and forcing up the prices, any buyer is paying extremely high prices of $1200 US+ on average for one of these items in such a good condition as the one i have brought.

This is a USAAF WW2 era type seat parachute model type AN-6510 as commonly seen in Europe and Pacific worn by fighter pilots and some bomber aircrews.
The A/N term means it was a USAAF / US Navy common type parachute design, thus chosen to enhance production abilities and reduce costing in the US military program which was spreaded across many manufacturing factories.

This parachute will enable me to pose with a variety of WW2 warbirds now to completely reenact the USAAF fighter pilot of WW2 timeframe.

Aircraft types this is suited for are P-51 Mustangs, T-6 Harvards, P-40 Kittyhawks etc. Some of these chutes did survive until the early 1950s in USAF service but were replaced with a more modern design which was similar but in a olive green material instead of khaki as shown below.

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