FEBRUARY 2010 – The HARS Open day at their Illawarra/Albion Park airport museum was a success for many reasons. Due to a few features such as a larger community interest in aviation, more aircraft on display and a growing passion by many to see warbirds up close.

The weather was humid thru most of morning and cooled down in afternoon with local scattered showers but this didn’t deter the thousands of kids, teenagers and family aviation enthusiasts from coming along for the annual event in the area.
Due to a large crowd and growing each year , many people are able to see up close, see a mix of aviation heritage from WW2 aircraft to modern day.

HARS aircraft that flew were the Connie, Neptune and Catalina mostly during the day, while other warbirds and current military aircraft flew as well.

My heritage flight gear display area found in Hangar 3 again.
This was much larger than my attempt last year , i had 3 tables and a ejection seat this time for displaying items. My F-4 Phantom ejection seat drew most of the attention and many questions were answered and some humour thrown in as well.
My display of heritage gear around the airport amazed many people who simply didn’t know what WW2 , 1950s- 1960s pilots wore in fighters, bombers etc.
A selection of my 1950s flight patches were on sale and attracted much interest.

My primary purpose in visiting HARS Open Day, was to display my flight gear to the general public with the appropriate warbirds as a backdrop.
3 were lined up for me – HARS CAC Sabre, Combat Dragon A-37 Dragonfly and Caboolture based CAC Mustang.
A busy day was had by myself and my fellow warbird/aviation mate – Christian who came down from QLD ( he is organising an airshow at Ingham in North Queensland in late 2011 www.inghamwingsandwheels.com.au and he is trying to get me to travel up there, as he sees my heritage display acts as a great attraction to draw more attention and interest to the airshow/ general public).

I would like to acknowledge the following people for assistance at the HARS Open day –
– Michael, Jim, Dick for their time / assistance in making this day again possible – thank you.
Combat Dragon – Stuart, Garry and Dan – thanks.
Caboolture MustangDaimen, Andy and Garry as i recall – thanks.

Hope to see you all later this year if possible again for more warbird catch ups.

Here is Christian excellent coverage of the Open day – recommend a look…

Shown below are the mostly my photos of the static aircraft and then Christian photos of me in the flight gear , click a image if you want to see more detail. (All photos credit :Christian/Phil).

HARS Fleet –

Visitors for the day included – various other warbirds, RAAF, RAN and Army aviation aircraft/helos.

My flight gear display area next to the Cobras – flight gear display photo, my table setup with heritage items , the F-4D Phantom ejection seat and display sign..

The Vietnam era A-37B Dragonfly was again an attractive plane display alongside –

HARS CAC Sabre jet – the first production Sabre one of my favourites –

In walking around my 1960s RAAF Sabre fighter pilot heritage display was a popular attraction.

I timed my display well as it turned out the family of the aircraft marked – Jim Flemming was walking past and enquired into what i was doing. I explained and then they all joined in for a photo. Jim had been at the airshow in the morning and i missed him.

This is why reenacting is needing to be done – running into people who appreciate what you do. Doesnt happen much but when it does it makes the time and effort very worthwile for many reasons. The Caboolture based Mustang shown below in next the display photo shoot, is in markings that Jim Flemming flew with as well.

My last display for the day was with Caboolture based CAC Mustang which flew down for the week. Some of the photo have a near 1950s quality to them i have found.

After my walk around, the Mustang then started up for an adventure flight and was a nice sound to hear up close.
One could of been taken back in time nearly to a RAAF fighter bombing mission, warming up in mid to late 1950 for a sortie from Japan across to the Korean pennisula…

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