After 6months, a lot of expenditure and time by me and another person, a very rare and hard to acquire F-4 Phantom II ejection seat has finally made its way into my collection.
Coming from a fellow flight gear collector mate located in Southern USA, the Martin Baker H7 ejection seat will require some work to fully complete but neverless at the moment it has most of the critical items on it. Most F4 seats found nowdays are demilled and then destroyed, so anything this complete is a good acquistion for anyone.

The seat weighs in around 150kg. This weight will potentially be reduced in mine over time as i will leave some parts as mine is intended to be a static ALSE display. I will be taking it to museums and airshows, to enable the general airshow public to sit in a ejection – not often given the chance – for a fun photo experience while wearing a flight helmet.

The seat will be cleaned up for the HARS open day in Feb 2010 coming up.

New parts for my seats are been supplied by SES Safety from the UK. They can help nearly any collector it seems with their needs. Additionally they exclusively support Temora Aviation Museum jets equipped with Martin Baker seatsl.
Link to SES is

The ejection seat will be on display at HARS WOI 2010 airshow for its debut.

Photo opportunities for anyone wanting to sit in the seat will start from $5.

As seen in USA… prior to shipping to Oz…

Its grand arrival via Fedex…Big box – big bugger of a seat and heavy..

A fridge and the new seat – cant tell difference nearly in the overall size eh.

Seat revealled and unpacking parts… come soon with a special visitor.

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