2010 upcoming events

Some updates –

  • In early 2010 i will be attending HARS WOI- Wings Over Illawarra with my F-4 Phantom ejection seat display and other ALSE items as i have done for previous years. I will be hopefully posing in some aircraft if can be approved with HARS meanwhile. The ejection seat display will allow the general public to sit in an actual restored F-4 ejection seat – a very very rare and near impossible chance outside the USA nowdays. For a small fee people will be allowed to wear a flight helmet and sit in the seat for a photo shoot. Planned for display is flight gear as used by the RAAF in various wars and eras. Mannerquins wearing flying gear , setups of life vest, life raft and g suits etc will potentially show public what heavy gear a flyer depended on to survive in flying operations. Photos and selected alse/heritage usaf patches will also be on sale on the day for collectors.
  • In early to mid 2010, i will be attending Albury for a photo shoot to visit the Steve Death collection. He will have on show a new – restored by 2010 – USAF 1950s era T-6 Harvard in yellow trainer scheme and his T-28 Trojan in Lao Vietnam war era markings. At this shoot other warbirds maybe in attendance such as a P-40 Kittyhawk.More information will be confirmed when i can update this event.
  • I am nearly ready to publish a flying gear book on my collection covering the last 2-3years of my displays. It will be a photo book style mainly and is a inhouse publication. Price maybe determined sometime this year but expect around $50-120.
  • Recently i have started a new career as an aviation journalist. I am writing for the Australian Warbirds Association Limited for their webpage and for AOPA magazine. My writing encompasses warbird news features and next year some feature stories on RAAF aircrew will be revealled.
  • In 2010, i will be up in QLD a few times and have organised photos shoots with –
  • CAC Mustang VH-MFT at Caboolture
  • Randal McFarlanes O-1 and O-2 FAC aircraft in Brisbane
  • Maybe a Wirraway – pending at Caboolture
  • In late 2009 I approached the RAAF events section in Canberra, to offer my flying heritage displays for RAAF airshows and official events, where showing off the collection of rare heritage items could be useful for the RAAF heritage and furthering the understanding of ALSE.It would be a great link up for me if this idea is approved, as it could enable many more people to understand in detail about the use of/flying safety/education of ALSE in the RAAF. It would also hopefully be useful in furthering the warbird cause.
  • I have still a few more items to acquire of flying gear sets in 2010. These will help to complete/accommodate my expansion plans and these will be revealed when time permits.

New events will be added to my calendar in 2010 as i organise with various airshows and museums.

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