At Bankstown airport i did a photo shoot with the Combat Dragon adventure flight warbird specialists. They operate a A-37B Dragonfly light attack jet bomber. I displayed my 1960s USAF Vietnam era flight gear for the day.
Combat Dragon is the only Sydney based A-37 flying at the moment for adventure flights or airshows appearances.

Combat Dragon operate the ex USAF/VNAF A-37 along side a recently acquired O-1 Birdog. This Birdog is a big time Vietnam flyer with over 12,000hrs of combat time and many bullet hole patches. They have been building up the A-37 operations as a side business to their main charter business which is focused on taking people around Australia and Pacific ocean countries.

Standard USAF late 1960s flying gear was displayed –

  • HGU-2AP helmet dated 1968 with a MBU-5P oxygen mask dated 1969.
  • 1970 Nomex flight suit vietnam era
  • SRU-21/P survivial vest (with actual 1960s era vietnam survival map inside from my vietnam F4 pilot mate)
  • LPU-2P life preserver
  • Standard flight boots
  • A standard USAF parachute backpack style BA-series
  • CSU-3/P g-suit large size
  • Nomex flying gloves
  • 1970 flight helmet bag

I much appreciated this chance to shoot the aircraft up close and thanks go to –

  • Daniel Gray, Pilot – A37B and photographer for the day.
  • Jeffrey Criddle, General Manager – AAS and Combat Dragon.
  • Stuart Criddle, Chief pilot – A37B

Combat Dragon can be found at – contact them via their webpage for any details you would like regarding an adventure flight.

See below a walk around of A-37 to prep it for a “flight” and then inside with me in the cockpit.
Also shown is the O-1 and the great team that makes up Combat Dragon the staff.

The O-1 is shown below along with the Combat Dragon staff who were very kind and helpful today for my photo shoot.

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