On a warm sunny and clear Upper Hunter Valley day , i visited Ross Pay’s – PaysAirService at Scone Aiport. The company that Ross operates conducts air crop dusting, fire bombing and aircraft overhaul business. It has a small but growing fleet of rare warbirds aircraft that are flown at times.

The warbirds are rebuilt and flown as a tribute to the past generations of pilots from WW2 thru to Vietnam era. Ross has flying – a P-40, CAC Mustang and O-1 Birdog. Under restoration still is a A-37 Dragonfly and a rare Spitfire.

On display for my photo shoot was a P-40 Kittyhawk and CAC Mustang.
Both have been extensively restored with much care and money.
The planes are marked with RAAF colour schemes from WW2 and 1950s.

I much appreciated the genrousity and time given by Ross to allow this to happen, Val for helping to move the planes around and drive the tug, Emma for helping Val and me, Steve for providing additonal help for admin work to allow this to happen. A great team and very nice people.

First off was the Desert Air War – African campaign – 3 Sqn RAAF Kittyhawk –
To recreate the African theme – i start with a pre flight safety check –

Moving on to the poses that pilots took for photos for official and private collections –

One very roomy cockpit .. i liked this for a “office”..

Then after a quick change of gear ….on to the late 1940-50s CAC Mustang.. where i included a renactment pose of a RAAF /AVM photo …

And here is the RAAF photo pose and here is my attempt to recreate it…
Credit- RAAF/AVM…and mine…

And relaxing after .. feeling very happy and excited that a long term goal has now been acheived finally.

After the photo shoot was done i roamed around for a quick close up and caught some nice angles of all things radial.

Below are the 2 main helpers today – Val in the tug and Emma assisting- thank you.

This event was worth while travelling 8hrs for and would do it again any time soon.

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