Recent flying gear acqusitions

Recently i have managed to acquire a few extremely hard to find items.


I managed to pick up a few of the original USAF 1950s flying jackets – L-2A light zone dark blue colour versions. All are sized from 40-46, the 46 is the largest and rarest ever seen in my 10years of collecting of this type.
They are all Superior Tog made and are well preserved after 60years nearly.
This will take my large collection of these to 4 jackets.

They were commonly seen in Korea and Europe and USA in the 1950s and slowly were witdrawn and replaced with olive drab versions – L-2B variants.

Additonally i have acquired a extremely rare /very expensive, USAAF WW2 B-10 bang box release type parachute for display.
This parachute shown below is extremly hard to find nowdays due to the low numbers that were not scrapped after use in the 1950s.

The B-10 parachute the final design in a series of parachute designed for the USSAF in the WW2 period. The B-10 was an improvement over the B- 8 which was a well liked backpack style parachute.
The bang box in centre was a copy of the RAF and Luftwaffe style quick release systems.

The B-10 survived to see service in USAF Korean war in F84, F-86 and F-80s initially until a further refined parachute design style was introduced around 1950 to all USAF flying units.

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