I attended the HARS museum open day in late Feb 2009 for my 2nd display at the museum. I had attended the 2008 open day as a trial event – trying out the Sabre cockpit for size and some thoughts.
In 2008 i brought some flight gear for people to try on and a new display stand to enable people to pose with.

The crowds since the first museum 2007 open day are growing at around 10-15,000 more each year, showing this open day is very popular with the public.
For 2009 I was allocated a display area back of the super hangar.
The display was able to incorporate the single seat Vampire cockpit section as well.

During the day the Chief of the Air Force made a speech to the cadet unit present with media in attendance. I was able to get some media coverage from this event.

Later on in the afternoon, i was on display with the CAC Sabre out on the main ramp in my 1960s Sabre pilot gear. Many people enjoyed seeing this and asked quite a few questions while taking photos.

I thank all the HARS members who helped me again to attend this day – Bob, Michael, Jim, Dick and Ken. Below are photos of my display and some of the aircraft at the museum open day.

Here is the gear typically found on a RAAF Sabre pilot in the mid 1960s that i wore.

Some of the aircraft that were on display –

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