With my growing flight gear collection hobbie, i had decided that i finally wanted to get my collection into the public arena so people could learn, understand see what pilots wore in flying military aircraft.

Problem was where would i start? How complex and was it workable?
I could see that i would be the only person doing this in Australia on a regular basis and that it would be hard to convince people of my merits behind my project without some hard work behind the scenes.

My first goal was to find a local airshow to approach and attend.
In Sydney that is virtually impossible as airshows no longer happen in the suburbian area.
So that means you have to travel outside Sydney for aircraft and museums…..

The growing HARS – Historical Aircraft Restoration Society at Wollonong was one i knew of. I had known various people linked to it for a long time and decided that this was a logical first step to try in my plans. I approached HARS about a trial display in late 2007.
They had a open day in 2008 coming up – so i thought it was ideal timing.

So after some travelling and talking to people – i had my first taste of public display and aircraft cockpits.

Here are the photos from the first ever trial display i did, it was a challenge but interesting neverless. I posed mainly with the CAC Sabre fighter and the Dhd Vampire jet trainer.
Thanks on the day went to Dick, Ken and Michael.

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